Reclaim, awaken, and expand your feminine power during this 5-day women's retreat in the beautiful St. Lucian tropics!



BalenBouche Estate,

St. Lucia, Carribean Islands


Reconnect to your beautiful female vessel! We will explore powerful feminine archetypes through movement, ritual, and embodiment practices. Become more aware of the unique and infinitely-creative womanly wisdom that is our birthright and experience radical self-expression in community with other courageous and inspiring women from all around the world. Indulge in radiant and energy boosting food, be held in the powerful mother nature energy unique to the beautiful St. Lucian tropics and bask in an experience that will leave you feeling like you finally found a hidden treasure from within. For a more detailed program, please email us directly.



Women looking to reconnect with their bodies, reclaim their feminine power, receive more self-confidence and self-awareness to forge a direct pathway to their innate deeper knowing. Women who feel like something meaningful is missing in their lives, who desire more but don’t know how to get it, who feel disconnected to themselves and others. Women who want support in accessing the fluid, tender, ancient parts of themselves in a sacred, safe community of fellow women on the journey. 



We LOVE retreats... and some retreat experiences can feel heady, theoretical, and esoteric. We sometimes leave feeling like we didn’t really get to “practice” or play out the wisdom we learned or really embed it in our body. In this retreat, we will offer multiple opportunities each day to cultivate deep meaningful awareness and connection to the varying feminine archetypes on a cellular level. We will actively support women in accessing the dormant and deeply missed parts of themselves so commonly found through exploration of embodying feminine archetypes. We will work with the body, mind, spirit through diverse modalities to offer a holistic approach in integrating this new, deeper connection to your body wisdom.


BalenBouche Estates





Shelby is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and a Leadership course graduate from the Co-Active Training Institute. She is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) - with 500 hours of training from Sri Yoga and is certified in the The Leadership Circle Profile.  She is passionate about helping people journey within and creates transformative experiences through coaching, immersions, group retreats to help individuals feel more connected to their purpose. Shelby lives in a communal living space in Detroit, Michigan USA with creatives, artists, the love of her life and their dog Sonny. Her life is her ministry and her space is lucky enough to frequently hold the gathering of souls.

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Adamant shifter of status quo, Nada believes that clarity comes from action. With a Masters in Communication Science, she has spent over a decade challenging corporate environments and their rigidity to embrace creativity, innovation and transparent communication.  Her work as a professional leadership coach has led her explore different ways of connecting to our most courageous, truthful selves and it is as well how she discovered the immense power of embodiment. This apparently simple ritual of zooming inwards and surrendering to the wisdom of our bodies through movement is the fastest way, she found, to connect to what we call our soul. Today Nada uses emodiment practices to guide people to more wholeness. By helping people open up more to their innate knowing stored in the body a deeper connection and attunement to their true essence is found. 

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