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Anew Year Retreat

A 3-day, at home, self-paced retreat to help you digest the prior year, integrate learnings, clean out your closet, and start the year “anew” with a clear vision and intention.
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Anew Year Retreat

Time & Location

Jan 29, 9:00 AM – Jan 31, 5:00 PM

About the Event

The why: 

Every winter for the past 5 years, I’ve committed to a 3-day personal retreat of sorts where I clear my calendar and reflect on the year prior. I look at how I spent my time. I identify my accomplishments, what drained me, what fulfilled me, and what goals and dreams I abandoned along the way. I’ve found this time to be absolutely instrumental in starting my year with purpose aligned goals, a clear vision, and a refreshing attitude about how I want to show up to what lies ahead. I do not think it’s a coincidence that as I’ve recommitted to this practice each year, each year has also resulted in a more prosperous one than the last, “prosperity requires preparation.” When we are aware of what we are leaving behind and what we are wanting on the path ahead,  we are prepared to make clear and aligned choices that lead us to a more prosperous life.

 “I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky.” ― Oprah Winfrey 

This year, I could not be more ready to dive into this time for myself. And... I have been receiving messages all month that others are interested in this sort of preparative work as well. So, this year I have wrapped up my yearly personal retreat experience into a 3-day virtual, self-paced retreat to start the year “anew.” 

   a·new /əˈn(y)o͞o/ adverbLITERARY 

  1. in a new or different and typically more positive way. 

I’m calling it, “Anew Year Retreat: A 3-day Virtual Self Retreat.” I think many of us are hoping 2021 holds a “more positive way.” I am so excited to share this with you, because this process continues to be a game-changer for me and my family... and always helps me feel ready AF for the new year! 

Here’s how it’ll work.

Because this is new for me, I am only releasing this to family, friends, and trusted clients. I’m aiming to offer 11 spots this year on a first come first serve basis.

For every participant that RSVP’s before January 5th, 2021, I will donate a coat to the Detroit Public School coat drive! They are in need of 200 coats for kids this year.

The retreat is fully REMOTE. It will consist of 1 private call with me (Jan. 5th-Jan 22nd) + 2 optional group calls pre & post the weekend of the at home retreat Jan 29th-31st. These calls will support and guide you through the process. If you cannot attend any of the group calls live, they will be recorded and sent to you. These calls will set you up for success for the retreat tool kit which includes independent at-home activities you will do at your own pace in between the calls. Throughout this experience you will choose the level of depth that is right for you.

This is for anyone who:

  • Yearns for a clean start & clear vision for 2021
  • Feels messy, disorganized, and exhausted
  • Does not want to waste another year chasing 100 different goals or having none
  • Wants to feel grounded about where to spend time and energy
  • Longs to mindfully connect to self
  • Is ready to invest in themselves and create a prosperous year!

What you will receive:

  • 1x 45-minute Private Support - I’ll be offering support calls before the retreat to help set you up for success... This time is also super helpful for me to customize the retreat to work best for you, and make sure that you get the most out of the process.  All sessions will be booked on a first come first serve basis between January 5th - January 27th, 2021.
  • 2x 60-minute Group Zoom Calls
  1. Pre-retreat Zoom Call - Thursday, Jan 28th @12pm ET -  to kick off the retreat process
  2. Post-retreat Zoom Call -  Sunday, Jan 31st  @5pm ET - to celebrate and close the retreat

* If you cannot make any of the dates/times, don’t worry, all calls will be recorded and shared with the group after!

  • 3-Day Retreat Tool Kit - Full access to my step by step guides with all instructions, resources, playlists, and more!
  • Community Support Group - You’ll get access to a private group on Facebook to share any questions, resources, links, and support. You can feel free to meet up 1:1 with each other as well!

Genergal Flow:  

 Pre-retreat/Day 1 (Friday)

  • Prepare: It's nearly impossible to reflect and vision when you are in a messy space, without nourishing food. Our first steps leading up to the retreat will be creating space for the relfection and harvesting that will take place. We need a space that feels tidy and cozy. Our private 1:1 call will help you decide what you need to make the most out of this experience and how you want to prepare to nourish yourself. It's recommended that you meal prep for these days in advance and commit to a morning practice that feels right to help your body mind feel primed and ready! 

 Day 2 - (Saturday) 

  • Refine your time: Get a high-level view of your year and look at how you spent your time. Identify where you invested your time and energy. As you analyze where it all went, patterns will emerge and reveal habits, periods of flow, and everything in between so that you can make refinements and design a better rhythm for the year ahead that feels more aligned.
  • Harvest the learnings: The depth of wisdom and lessons that are always available moment by moment is astounding; it all depends on our ability to pay attention to them and integrate them into our daily life. After reflecting on where you spend your time and energy this year, what you experienced, accomplished, etc. You’ll be primed to capture major lessons from the year. This can be incredibly powerful and cathartic, and pairing the process with rituals that can alchemically ingrain these changes into your system.
  • Honor the Past: Our year is created moment by moment through each of our experiences. We all have peaks and valleys that feel monumental and worth honoring.  Catalog the key moments, experiences, trips, events that were significant so that you may ingrain these moments in your memory, and artifact the key insights and learnings to take forward with you. You'll be guided to create or ritualize these learnings so that you can take them with you into the new year and let go of what no longer serves. 

Day 3 - (Sunday) 

  • Dream: What are the use of goals if they're not anchored in the roots of our dreams. To me, goals are a glorified to do list if they're not guided by my deepest heartfelt desires. Get ready to allow your dreams to say hello, meet your longings for 2021 and connect with your hearts deepest wishes for your life in this coming year!  
  • Create your Vision: Once we’ve honored where we’ve been and all we’ve done, we’ll feel anchored in our present dreams, we are ready to start creating a grounded vision for the future. Every year, I create a vision board to help me build an intention for what’s ahead. Through creativity, you’ll begin to see your vision come to light. You’ll walk away with an artifact you created that you can return to like the north start all year long.
  • Intention Setting: Once you've created a phyicial expression of your vision through you're vision board, you will be guided to set an intention for the year ahead and you may get as tacticle as you like, locking in your 3 year, 1 year, and seasonal goals. 
  • Celebrate: In our closing call we will celebrate this experience and set you forth on your way feeling more clear and grounded to take on whatever comes our way in 2021!!  

 Cost and logistics

Cost: $333

Registration closes on January 12th, 2021

For Participants that sign up before January 5th, 2021, I’ll donate a coat to the Detroit Public School coat drive!

Once you’ve RSVP’d + paid, I will send you my calendly link to book a private, add you to the calendar invites for the calls, and the Facebook group.

I’m so excited to be in service to anyone who feels called to invest in preparing for the prosperity they seek in the coming year. May you all have a lovely rest of December!

BIG love always,  



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