Shelby is a devoted student to this human journey and is committed to sharing her insights along the way through her writing, speaking, and teaching.  She is a Leadership & Life Coach, a registered yoga teacher (RYT) with 500+ hours of training from Sri Yoga. She lives in a communal living space in Detroit, Michigan USA with the love of her life and their dog Sonny. Her life is her ministry and her space is lucky enough to frequently hold the gathering of souls.


I have spent the majority of my adult life working in the corporate realm in industries like: executive search, private equity, and change management ...trying to be the version of "success" I projected the world wanted me to be--a path I know many smart, good, well-meaning people take.


Along the way, I explored diverse modalities such as yoga, life coaching, leadership development, therapy, astrology, spirituality, TCM, Ayurveda, etc. I sought out leaders, yoga teachers, intuitives, astrologists, therapists, spiritual leaders, dietitians and wellness experts of all sorts to hone, refine, and feel more free in my own life (which will continue to be a journey).

Along that journey, I realized seeking "success" had me playing the wrong game. I had been looking externally for the key to freedom from my internal reality. The truth is, I was deeply drowning in an ocean of self-judgement, body-insecurities, perfectionism, trust an intimacy issues, to name a few. I had a first-class seat in suffering. I felt stuck in my very own personalized version of a living hell. I soon realized, it didn’t matter what job I had, where I lived, who loved me, etc., if I couldn’t feel fulfilled and free on the inside, the outside would never satisfy my cravings and my dreams would always feel fleeting.

So, I started ogin deeper with different combinations of the healing modalities I had toured. I got support from diverse teachers and guides, I leaned into getting to know myself more and made that more of my "full time job" regardless of what was going on in my life. Over time, my life started changing. I started to feel better. I cultivated a relationship to myself that helped me start to really participate in the Big Game, the game - or journey - of mapping and navigating my inner world. As I took more responsibility for tuning into my internal terrain I began to heal ...and so did my external reality. I learned how to free myself from the "path of success" and ironically enough have never felt more SUCCESSFUL, abundant, healthy, and whole.

Now, I help people longing to free themselves from the mundane find and live their purpose more through my private coaching offerings and YOUniversal Journey Course. I believe that when people find and live their purpose more fully our world will heal.  Today, I am still very much on the journey, but I enjoy the ride far more and I am inspired to help others find their way home too.



Because I am a product of divorce in a family where moving for my parent's careers was a constant, I had the opportunity to attend seven different schools in my youth. Ever-changing environments and people was all I've ever known. From small, rural towns to the big city life, I connected with people from all backgrounds, beliefs, and ways of being.

This served me well and has only continued throughout my adult life. Environments ranging from yoga studios to top tier private equity firms and tech startup conference rooms have allowed me to serve diverse clients with profiles like CEO, single mother, yogi, managing partner, new coaches, Olympic athlete, B2B founder, a small family operated business owner, international life coach, young 20-something professional, freshly minted MBA leader in the Fortune 500.

Though incredibly diverse, the thing they all have in common is a PROFOUND DESIRE to know themselves more, a DEEP longing to develop their spiritual connection, and a real, insuppressible urge to SERVE THEIR WORLD in an authentic way. These are the people I yearn to be of service to and feel privileged to support. Those that are dying to be free and are willing to forge new paths of getting there. People who are desperate to have a greater impact in the communities they are member to. For them, I am a bridge, connecting business and passion, tactical and esoteric, human and spirit. I help people connect to, live, and refine their unique purpose in the world in whatever arena they're in.

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